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Mobile Deposit FAQ

Do I need the AppleTree Credit Union Mobile App to use mobile deposit?

Yes, the AppleTree Credit Union Mobile App is required to use mobile deposit. You can download the AppleTree Credit Union Mobile App from your device's app store.

Will the funds from the check be available immediately?

AppleTree Credit Union's funds availability policy applies. See the AppleTree Credit Union Truth in Savings for details. 

What is the daily limit for mobile deposit?

The maximum amount a member can mobile deposit in one day is $5,000.

What happens if I do not write "For mobile deposit at ATCU" and the date on the back of the check?

Missing any part of the required endorsement may result in your deposit being returned and a delay in receiving your funds.

Can I mobile deposit a third party checks?

No, AppleTree Credit Union does not accept third-party checks to be deposited using the mobile app.